Bubbles Bodywear

Rear Rescue Booty-Lift Seamless Bodysuit

$ 44.00

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This "Rear Rescue" bodysuit will not only smooth and shape the torso and thighs, it will rescue the  rear from the affects of gravity, motherhood and everything else that brings us down! Targeted compression strategically sculpts and lifts the rear-end for a feminine, shapely look. 
  • Targeted compression bodysuit
  • Overlapping gusset design for easy bathroom visits
  • Lifts the butt for a perky profile
  • Highrise waistline = no muffin tops!
  • Moderate control for all-day comfort
  • Super-soft seamless fabric
  • Underbust design = wear your own bra
  • Perfectly paired with Bubbles Bodywear's Sticky Buns Butt Pads!

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