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Lightweight Foam Butt Pads (Thin or Thick)

$ 19.00

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These super-lightweight, round, foam butt pads provide a realistic shape and booty-enhancing effect. These soft pads are replacement booty padding for many of our panty/pad sets. Foam butt pads are the most economical booty boosting solution. Please see images for a size and thickness diagram. Note: These pads must be worn inside a pocket-panty to hold the pads in place.


Size Chart
Approximate Thickness Width
Regular XS/S 1/4" thick 5" wide
Regular M/L 1/2" thick 6" wide
Regular XL/XXL 3/4" thick 7" wide
Thick XS/S 1" thick 5" wide
Thick M/L 2" thick 6" wide
Thick XL/XXL 3" thick 7" wide