Bubbles Bodywear

Lingerie Wash Bag - Round

$ 8.00

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An essential addition to any laundry closet!

This super-cute "Bubbles" deluxe cylindrical lingerie wash bag is made of a nylon mesh fabric to protect your customer's intimates from damage caused by washings machine or other items in the wash load. Features a specially designed tight weave that prevents hooks and other sharp objects from catching on the bag in the wash, but is also designed to allow the free flow of water and soap through the bag and its contents.

A one inch pink protective fabric notch secures the zipper when the bag is closed, preventing accidental opening in the wash. Store easily by hanging from the handy-dandy convenient handle! Well-suited for organizing and travel too.

  • Secure zipper sleeve
  • Carry handle (use to hang on hook for storage)
  • Measures 7" tall x 7" wide
  • Perfect size for 1-2 bras

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