Bubbles Bodywear

Behind the Seams® Padded Boxer Panty

$ 44.00

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This Padded Highwaist Boxer is your back-stage secret to a beautiful bottom and perfectly fitting fashions!

Features a boxer-style pocket-panty and foam pads positioned to add a full "cheek size" and a create a higher "butt line". The style of these booty pads in this padded panty creates a lifted, youthful profile under almost any outfit. And the pads are hidden behind cloaking fabric to ensure that even your closest loved ones won't know that your glowing confidence stems from your new booty panty!

  • Ships with 1 Panty and 1 Set of Foam Pads.
  • Foam Pads create a noticeable boost of about 3/4 inch for a noticeable boost.
  • Additional options for Thicker Foam and/or Silicone booty pads can be added to your order.
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane


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